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Clearwater Limousine has been providing service to the Clearwater area for years now, and we're happy to be the top transportation provider in the area. We've been able to build a fleet that encompasses many different sizes and styles, so there's something that can accommodate any event that you could think of. With all that there is to see and do in the city of Clearwater, a mode of professional transportation is never a bad idea. Party Bus Clearwater has sedans, SUV'S, limousines and limo buses to make your event the best it can be. You and your guests will surely be comfortable in our world class automobiles!

Limousines and limo buses are great. You can drink as much as you want without the worry of how you are going to get home. There is no need for someone to miss out on the party by having to be the designated driver. You can keep the party going by continuing to dance, drink and laugh while you are on your way to the next stop. It definitely beats having to use a taxi and it's way safer than trying to drive yourself. No matter how much you've had to drink, you shouldn't drive. Let the professional chauffeur deal with the traffic of the road while you are having fun.

A professional mode of transportation allows for a great amount of relaxation when you otherwise would have been worrying! For example, who wants to deal with the hassle of traffic by themselves when you're trying to have a night out on the town? When you rent a Clearwater Limo, you won't have to go through the task of finding a designated driver. You won't need to find directions to where you're trying to go to, as our professional chauffeurs come equipped with a GPS for exceptional service. Best of all, our vehicles don't have closing times, so you can party all throughout the night without a second thought! When you're ready to reserve your fantastic vehicle, all it takes is a phone call to get started.

So Many Exciting Reasons to Ride With Us

You already know all the reasons that our services are so far above and beyond what anyone else in the area does, but do you know what the most popular reasons are for people to hit the road with us? Did you say "bar hopping"? Well, you'd be right on that one! That's definitely our top request! But there are so many other reasons to rent our services. Let's talk about just a few of the most popular reasons, shall we?

>Of course, bar hopping being our most popular one, the reasons that limo travel is so superb for that is that you get to drink on board, stocking our built-in bars with all of your favorite bottles! Whether you're a beer drinker or a liquor lover, and whether you want to sip it straight or play mixologist all night, you can definitely get your fix with us! It's completely legal and safe because you'll have a designated driver all through the night, a.k.a. your professional chauffeur! That's a major perk if we've ever heard one.

Concerts and sporting events are also very popular among our customers. After all, the long ride out to these events is really the only downside to them! With us, that long ride becomes something you're thankful for because it's just more time to enjoy the perks of your beautiful vehicle! The fact that you will never have to worry about navigation, you won't have to battle the traffic, and you won't have to find a parking in that sea of cars outside the arena... it's really the ultimate in luxury! Having that smooth and safe ride home is just the icing on the cake!

Bachelor parties and bachelorette parties are another top event for us, closely followed by the big day itself, your wedding day. We've got a huge array of vehicles to choose from and that means that we've got something ideal for your last night of freedom as well as the first day of your new life together. Go from wild to elegant just like that with a quick switch between vehicles! Whether your pre-wedding festivities include a bachelor/bachelorette party, a bridal shower, or a day of pampering for your whole bridal party, we've got you covered as far as transportation goes. Live it up and spoil yourself! After all, this is the most exciting time of your life!

Corporate events are another popular one, so if you are a potential business customer, please know that we can serve your needs very well. Whether you are headed out to a big convention with your coworkers or attending a meeting with your most important clients, we can provide the comfortable and relaxing transportation that you seek. You'll be able to very comfortably conduct an impromptu meeting while you drive or even get some work done on your laptop or smartphone.

Finally, brewery tours are very popular in this area! Not only will you enjoy traveling from brewery to brewery, but you can enjoy sipping your newly purchased beers at our built-in bar areas, kept icy cold thanks to the ice that we provide, and of course there are cups available too for sharing!

If all of the above sounds good to you, give us a call and let's talk!

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"When we were in a pinch at the airport, we decided to call us. We had it settled in a matter of minutes, and they saved us from being late by providing great service. The sedan was beautifully updated, thank you so much!" Amber K

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"We rented a limo bus from Limo Clearwater for our wedding. We were so impressed with their attention to detail and efficiency in providing service, and we will surely be renting with this company again in the future!" Ethan D

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