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One: Can we smoke in your vehicles?

Unfortunately, we don't allow for smoking to take place on any of our limos or party buses. Your chauffeur will gladly make a pit stop for any smoke and/or bathroom breaks needed. We want to keep our limos pristine for all customers.

Two: Are we able to drink on your party bus?

Yes of course, however you're only able to drink on our vehicles if you're 21 or older to enjoy the bar areas for alcoholic beverages! Keep in mind we do not provide the alcohol for you, you need to bring your own drinks.

Three: Can you go outside of Clearwater?

We certainly can! We're able to service areas outside of Clearwater. We are proud to offer luxury limo & party bus service all around the area, make sure to check out our service area for a more detailed list of the cities that serve.

Four: Are your vehicles safe?

Our vehicles are as safe with a top of the line team of mechanics to inspect each and every limo and bus before and after each trip, who work on making any potential issues are addressed before we pick you up, as well as a team of detailers responsible for looking after the cleanliness and appearance of them.

Five: Can we listen to our own music?

You certainly can! In every one of our luxury vehicles is a smart phone and iPod capable sound system for you to plan the energy of your trip with your own customized dance party! You of course can simply just talk with your friends.

Six: What if we go over our time?

First thing first, if you know in advance that you will need more time than you are booked for please contact us so we can schedule it. But if you are go over your time unintentionally, you'll be charged according to your agreed rate.

Seven: What are your hours of operation?

Our luxury limousines and party buses operate 24/7, whenever you need transportation service we will be able to book that time for you. If you want to come see the vehicles in person you will need to schedule an appointment.

Eight: How do we get our free quote?

Limo Clearwater is available 24/7 so you can contact us at absolutely any time. Just provide us with the needed info pertaining to your event and we'll let you know exactly how much it will cost! It's a very simple and quick process. Then when you are ready to book simply call and pick up where you left off.

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